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The Complexities Of The Camping Tent

It is far too easy for many to state that the first and foremost element to be covered when planning a camping holiday is your tent and once that is sorted; everything will no doubt flow with ease however finding the ideal tent is a far more complex task than often deemed.

Naturally it will be evident to make the assumption that what you don't want is the tent that rain seeps through when and if the typical British weather begins to play up, one that does not collapse in the middle of the night and one that protects you from anything and everything the open, wild nature has to offer; it is all rather simple but you would be surprised how many fail to pay enough time and attention to the task. The most suitable way in which to view the entire situation is that your tent is your home away from home; something that will keep you warm, safe and comfortable so refrain from popping into your local supermarket and instead make a list of just what you need and require.

The ideal system to implement when searching for the right tent is to initially clarify the type of camping holiday that you will be taking; for example is it a regular family camping holiday? A hiking holiday? Or even a mountain expedition? There are different varieties of tents to suit such different holidays and can cater for comfort, no matter how deep into nature you may go, to withstand weather conditions and provide stability no matter where you may be positioned and differ in weight sizes dependent upon how far away from civilisation you are attempting to go.

What one will also need to focus on when searching for that tent is the shape and size that you require? Tunnel tents are renowned for being the most spacious and quickly assembled whilst semi geodesic tents are far smaller in size, more difficult to assemble but alternatively ideal for use in lowland camping in trekking ventures.

The British weather is renowned for its unpredictability; so wherever and whenever you chose to take your camping holiday it will be wise to take water issues into account. The last thing any happy camper would wish for is to have a wet tent and no matter how amazing your clothes are and how resistant such items including popular pieces such as the north face arctic parker and the North Face Nuptse Vest can be to weather conditions; nothing can protect you if the rain pours down your tent. The majority of tents supplied will be made from Polyester to ensure they remain water proof however there are varying degree of strengths that are used. The waterproof level of a tent will be based on what is referred to as a hydrostatic head and for a tent to be classified as fully waterproof it will need to have a HH of at least 1500; this is something the supplier will no doubt be able to discuss during the purchase.

Aside from technical issues; when purchasing a tent there are many other factors that may also be considered including; doors which may affect the level of condensation that appears inside your tent, weight and packaging size to determine how far a tent can be carried with ease and optional extra's including netting to keep insects at bay; particularly if you are camping on higher lands.

There is a lot of time and effort required when searching for the right tent that goes far beyond the image and size, which is why renowned camping brands including North Face provide online guides and tips to assist with all of your needs. Take the time to research your purchase thoroughly to ensure your spend is wise and your camping holiday remains free from unnecessary hassle.