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Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk 2009

The Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk 2009 is one of the newest members of the 'Nike Dunk for Women' family, a fairly large family, whose other members include the likes of Nike SB Low Mexico Kuwahara E.T. Bike, the Nike Dunk Dinosaur Junior Women SZ and the WMNS Nike Dunks 9789 - to name but a few of the other Nike Dunk products for women. It has not been long from when I first got to use the Nike Skinny Dunk 2009, but if there is a Dunk pair that I have since gotten enchanted with, it has to be that one.

The Nike Skinny Dunk is not a short shoe. The shoe starts off from quite a high point height-wise, mainly thanks to the thick sole; and gets even taller in a gradual manner, all the way from the toe of the shoe to the highest point of it near the center, where it meets the wearer's foot shaft. Incidentally, this design seems to be Nike's favorite nowadays, being a design in which it is basically a shoe's sole that is used to create the 'illusion of height' - so that the wearer appears to clearly wearing a tall shoe, while also not suffering the discomfort the traditional (all round) tall shoe would have caused.

Thanks to its skinny-ness, a label the Nike Dunk 2009 lives up to, the shoe turns out to be the ideal one for the petite woman - who has always feared that wearing a Dunk pair would make her lose her signature 'thin' look. This is because far from interfere with that petite look, the shoes only goes to accentuate it. To make the accentuation of such skinny-ness possible, it is notable that the Nike has chosen to elongate the middle part of the shoe, between the toe and the tongue quite a bit, so that the shoe basically looks longer and thinner.

To signify that it is an authentic Nike product, the sole of this shoe has its sole emblazoned with the signature Nike 'Tick' (alongside the word 'Nike' of course). The Nike tick later appears on the shoes' body - where in keeping with the trend in new Nike products, it is elongated all the way from somewhere towards the center of the shoe, to the back of the shoe, and all the way round - to end at the opposite side of the shoe. In my pair though, the color scheme that Nike employs for this particular Nike WMNS Skinny Dunk somehow obscures the Nike tick on the body of the shoe, although a more conspicuous tick is to be found on the white patch on the tongue of the shoe (at the shoes highest point, height-wise).

Talking of color schemes, in my particular pair of Dunks, the base color is some tone of Navy blue, against a green flowered background - out which some bright pink dots, polka dots one would say, protrude, to add that feminine aspect.