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Chanel Shopper Handbag - Shop in Style!

A true fashionista ensures that she does everything in style. And Chanel believes that you should even go for your shopping trips in style, with the beautiful Chanel quilted large shopper bag, which is a rage among all women. This wonderful bag shows the CC logo so proudly and boldly, that it guarantees not just a second, but a third and even fourth look on you when you are walking down the street. Made out of calfskin leather, the bag is very comfortable to carry, and looks great as an accessory. It can make even a very basic outfit look classy when you add this bag to your look.

What is even more interesting is that many celebrities, include Rachel Bilson have been spotted using this bag at many large occasions, which has led to even more popularity and demand for them. You can choose from a variety of colours that the brand has to offer, though the fabulous pink is the most demanded among all other colours.

There are different versions of the bag and you can choose the one which is most preferred by you. There is one which has the straps with the leather and the chain intermingled stylishly, while there are others with just plain chains to hang. Then you can also choose from silver and gold hardware, and bags with flap or without them.

The bags with the quilted design are somewhat similar to the other quilted handbags that Chanel has. The quilted design basically came as an inspiration to Coco Chanel from the jackets that jockeys wear. And if that was not bizarre enough, you must also know that the idea of intermingling leather with chains for the straps came to Chanel after taking inspiration from the straps of the bags that soldiers use.

There is enough room in the Chanel shopper bags to carry a lot of your stuff. These make the perfect accessory for working women who have to carry heavy files and laptops. And for others, well, you can simply use them anytime and anywhere to flaunt the fact that you have a Chanel bag! When it's Chanel, you are bound to envy other women in the crowd!

All these bags are easily available at any of the Chanel stores, or can even be purchased online at the official online Chanel store. You could even contact authorised dealers for the same.