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Chanel 2.55 - Great Charm to Women

This world belongs to men as well as women. To be more exact, it is owned by women because women can drive men to conquer the world for them. Therefore, it's the virtue for women to express lust and expectation. And learning to know about the lust and expectation of women, it is a wisdom choice for men.

Handbags are something that is frequently related to women. They are swaying on the arms of women and cover lots of trivial things like wallet, lipstick, key, mobile photo, even her secrets. Sometime you may doubt whether it is the women who are carrying the handbags or the handbags that are taking women. Especially this handbag goes to Chanel 2.55.

This extravagant piece impresses us by rectangle design, precious leather or knitting material and gold plated buckle. Chanel 2.55 is famous for its simplicity. Regarded as a new living symbol-Women should step into the society, it is always favored by the feminine in modern society.

Tracing the time back to 1955, Chanel Lady made a right judgment. It would be more and more women joint into the social activities fro work and communication. Among so many accessories, the handbag takes the priority to be noticed. Sometimes, the handbag that a woman is carrying speaks louder about her personal identification than the name card or the confident expression on the face. Image is important for a successful or renowned person. You can also select stylish clothes to accentuate the beauty, but the result depends on person. For those who have unique taste, you have to make your audience understood before you dress them out. However, a handbag can easily make people know about you. After you have experienced the excellence of Chanel 2.55, you will other totes trivial and out of fashion.

Chanel 2.55 designer got the inspiration from the backpack of the receiver and firstly combined the shoulder strap with metal and leather intercrossing to the practical rectangle. All is crafted from handiwork at the workshop in Paris. Each kind requires 6~15 workers to joint in the production. From tweed to canvas, sewing to buckle setting, pocket to lining, the whole process needs to undergo 180 procedures and requires 180 working hours to finish.

Recently, Chanel declared that its most elegant boutique will be opened in Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. Meanwhile, the crocodile Chanel 2.55 handbag of large size will be launched. There are totally four kinds of colors including red, yellow, blue and green available to be selected. It is really a truth that when a woman dressing particularly walking on the street, the men can not help going backward and make a way for her respectfully.