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Thursday 22 August, 2019 | RSS Feed

Hot Fashion Designs For Men Right Now

If you're a guy, these are some fashion trends you need to know.

1. Graphic tees:

Graphic tees have been popular amongst men and women for a while now. At the moment people are shouting out about how they feel all over the place, from blogs, to Twitter, to tees. It's their way of expressing their personality, their mood, their sense of humour. Graphic tees can be worn with a pair of jeans and kicks, or can be suited up a bit more under a blazer.

2. Nomad:

There is currently an obsession with the great outdoors. From hiking boots, to lumberjack tops (hadn't seen those in about a decade and a half!), it seems country boys have been setting this year's fashion trends. Thick materials, ethnic patterns, and equestrian colours are essentials for all designers or fashionable folks trying to keep up with trends.

3. Urban bohemia:

Bohemians are free-thinking people, generally comprising of artists, writers, and musicians who want to live on their own terms and in many ways feel suffocated by the expectations of society and government. This rebellion translates into their fashion sense in an oversized sweater, torn jeans, paperboy hat kind of way. And because bohos are cultural influencers, they tend to be seen in hot places and as a result their fashion is admired and becomes something people adopt for their own look.

4. Back to Black:

Has there ever been a better time to be a bad-ass rebel than now? I don't think so. Young people have not only got a voice, but in today's marketplace they've got the power. With so many industries moving into digital- something young people know better than anyone, they are sucking up the good jobs, with their increasing rates of disposable income, brands and businesses are targeting all of their marketing efforts at them. So, if they want to walk around in skinny jeans, high tops, ripped tees, and punk rock leather jackets, they can.

5. Sportswear:

The funny thing is, sporty fashion doesn't have to just be for sporty guys. Urban brands like Adidas, DC, Ray Ban and Nike have been making clothes and accessories for years that everyone from hippies, to bohos, to jocks, to rock and rollers have worn. There's nothing sexier than a pair of black low-top Adidas with white stripes on a young guy. They are classic and so cool.

Of course, no matter what your style some jewellery is needed to go with it. Going over our list I would say, the graphic tee cool guy needs a ring on his finger, the nomad needs a nice leather strapped watch, the boho needs some rosary beads, and maybe some antique silver cufflinks if he's wearing a dress shirt, the punk rocker needs some black leather around his wrist, and the Adidas wearing stud needs a stud in his ear.

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